Feb 22: Welcome to Norway

2016        90mins                  Norway                  Unrated

Dir: Rune Denstad Langlo

In an effort to save his rundown family-owned hotel, xenophobic Primus decides to turn it into a refugee asylum centre to remain financially afloat. However not everything goes to plan!

Winner Audience Award 2016 Goteborg Film Festival.

Cast: Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Slimane Dazi, Henriette Steenstrup, Olivier Mukuta


March 29: Monsieur Mayonnaise

2016       95mins                  Australia                Rated: M

Dir: Trevor Graham

After sharing his family’s story on Facebook, Australian artist, Philippe Mora was approached by director, Trevor Graham to film a documentary on the fascinating story of Mora’s father Georges. A tale about a comic book, Nazis, baguettes and mayonnaise.

Cast: Ruth Fivaz-Silberman, Georges Loinger, Mirka Mora, Philippe Mora, Dominic Mora.


April 26: A Streetcat Named Bob

2016        103mins                  UK                     Unrated

Dir: Roger Spottiswoode

Homeless musician and recovering addict, James Bowen’s life is changed when a stray cat enters his life. Based on a true story and the international best-selling book. Best British film at the 2017 UK National Film Awards.

Cast: Luke Treadaway, Ruta Gedmintas, Joanne Froggat, Anthony Head



May 17: LUCKY (note extra May screening due to hall renovations)

2017          86 mins                        USA                            Rated: MA15+

Dir: John Carroll Lynch

Set in a small desert town, 90-year-old atheist, Lucky, (Harry Dean Stanton) has outlived and out-smoked his contemporaries. He now faces his own mortality and the meaning of life.  

Cast: Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ed Begley Jnr, Ron Livingston, Tom Skerrett.


May 31: Manchester by the Sea

2016        135mins                    USA                  Rated: MA 15+

Dir: Kenneth Lonergan

After the untimely death of his brother, Lee (Casey Affleck) discovers he is named as the sole guardian of his 16 year old nephew. When he returns to his hometown, Lee has to face his tragic past that separated him from his wife.

Awards include Best Actor (Casey Affleck) and Best Original Screenplay 2017 Academy Awards.

Cast: Kyle Chandler, Michelle Williams, Casey Affleck



June/July – no screenings due to hall renovations



2016          97 mins                        Germany, Fr, UK       Rated: R

Dir: Vincent Perez

Set in Nazi Germany in 1940, and based on a true story, Otto and Anna Quangel set out on a dangerous act of resistance after their son is killed in battle. The couple start leaving anti Hitler postcards in stairwells and public places – a capital crime.

Cast:. Brendan  Gleeson, Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl.



September 27: LOVING VINCENT

2017          94 mins                        Poland/UK                  Rated: PG

Dir: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman

The worlds’ first oil painted animated feature film about the life of Vincent Van Gogh. Each of the film’s frames is an oil painting on canvas created by a team of 125 painters.

Winner Best Animated Feature Film at the 30th European Film Awards.

Cast: Robert Gulaczyk, Douglas Booth, Jerome Flynn, Chris O’Dowd.



CLINT EASTWOOD: A fistful of films

Friday 19 October 7:30pm – Play Misty for Me

Saturday 20 October

  • 11:00am – Unforgiven
  • 3:00pm – Piano Blues
  • 7:30pm – Gran Torino

Bookings Required: www.trybooking.com/WTFZ




November 8: THE SONG KEEPERS (note date change due to film festival)

2017          84 mins                        Australia                     Unrated

Dir: Naina Sen

In the Central desert region around Hermannsburg a 140 year old musical legacy of ancient Aboriginal languages and German baroque hymns is being preserved by four generations of song women (the Central Australian Aboriginal Womens’s Choir). They sing 14th Century Lutheran hymns, brought to the area by missionaries, in the Arrarnta and Pitjantjatjara tongues. The choirs efforts to save these sacred songs is boosted by the arrival of a charismatic conductor from Melbourne, who organises an historic tour to Germany to take the hymns back to their homeland.


November 29: PECKING ORDER

2017          88 mins                        NZ                               Rated: PG

Dir: Slavko Martinov

A quirky documentary from across the ditch. Featuring an endearing and eclectic group of chicken breeders, each hoping to take away the top prize, including Doug the determined Club President, Rhys the young upstart, Sarah the chicken whisperer, Ian the exacting judge, Mark the voice of reason and Brian the lovable champion.

Cast: Doug Bain,  Sarah Bunton, Bob Dawber