What time does it start?

Can anyone come?
Yes. Adults young and old are welcome.  Our program lets you know the film rating.

Do I have to be a member?
Not initially, but after 2 visits you need to join as a member. Full year or 3-month memberships are available.

Do I have to make a booking?
No need to book. We do not take reservations.

Can I borrow a DVD?
Yes. We have a great collection of film DVDs from previous screenings, for our members to loan.

How are films chosen?
The Committee nominates a broad selection of movies and members vote on their preferences.  The Committee considers the votes, as well as balancing what will provide a well rounded program for the year.

Do you have annual Film festivals?
Film Festivals are biannual.

Is the venue heated for winter screenings?
Yes, its is toasty warm.

Are there facilities for people with a disability?
Yes, the hall and toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Can I bring a guest?
Yes. Full members can invite 3 guests per year for free. You must sign them in at the registration desk on the night.

What is the title and synopsis of the next film?
The yearly programme is on the web site under CALENDAR. It is also in “Talking Heads”, The Echo, Programmes and posters in local businesses in Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.

How many times may I bring a guest?
Members may bring 3 guests per year.

How many times am I able to come as a casual visitor?
Twice. After that, we ask that we ask that you join as a member.  This is related to our constitution as a film society, not a commercial screening organisation.

Does a 3 monthly ticket have to be consecutive and can I bring a guest?
No. Just present your ticket each time you visit and we will give it a stamp. You can bring one guest to one of the three screenings.

How can I help out?
– Join our committee or band of casual helpers
– Setting and packing up chairs and tables
– Providing and serving suppers
– Setting up and showing the film on DVD or Computer
– Assisting at the film festival
– Welcoming newcomers
– Setting up and showing the film on computer or dvd player
– Helping out at film festival
– Selling raffle tickets
– Musicians are welcome to provide pre-film entertainment